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Resources for Small Acreage Landowners

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Managing 35 acres or a 150 acres, small acreage landowners have special needs for information. Whether its water quality, soil erosion, market gardening, raising chickens and goats, or grazing cattle, landowners want to do the right thing. And TPCD is here to help guide the way.
Check out the many resources provided by partners such as CSU Extension, NRCS, and others. Call us for additional guidance. And check back soon for our Rural Living Guide, being published soon!​​

CSU Extension just published its annual survey of Custom Rates Charged for Various Crop and Livestock Operations and Lease Arrangements in Colorado.​

Custom Rates for Colorado Farms & Ranches
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CSU Extension

The source for landowners to find contractors, equipment, and services through the Colorado Small Acreage Services Website.