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Junior Conservator Program

The Junior Conservator Program includes three lessons presented in the classroom and a patch and certificate at the end of all three:

Fourth Grade Foresters (one hour)
    Students learn about the habitat of Teller and Park Counties and
    the animals that live there. Starting at the soil and water level,
    students learn about the food web, specific to the trees and
    environment of their hometown. They take home a tree to plant in their own yard.

Nature Explore (one and one half hour)
    After creating a nature journal, students move from station-to-
    station where they explore bio-facts related to worms, snakes,
    birds, small mammals, and owls. They create specimen
    drawings and food webs to demonstrate their knowledge.

Whoooo's at the Top of the Food Chain (one hour)
    An analysis of the food chain from soil (microorganisms and
    insects) and water (fish and aquatic plants), to small mammals
    and predatory birds precedes dissection of owl pellets to
    determine its diet.

May contain: pattern and embroidery
May contain: person, table, furniture, glasses, accessories, pen, box, and cup