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Education Services

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Conservation education is an important part of our mission.

The Teller-Park Conservation District provides information for landowners via our office in Woodland Park as well as through workshops and other public activities like "weed tours." We also provide youth activities in local schools and sponsor teachers to attend conservation education training.

Education Services

The Colorado Reader

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TPCD supports the publishing efforts of the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture. Each month, CFA publishes the Colorado Reader for school children state-wide. 
If you'd like to receive a class-room set of this publication monthly, please let us know.

Bracken Ground on Bat Homes

Camp Rocky

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Each year the Teller-Park Conservation District pays for up to three students (ages 14-19) to attend Camp Rocky in Divide. Students spend one week learning about Forest Management, Rangeland Science, Soil &Water Conservation, or Fish & Wildlife Management. These "scholarships" are all inclusive for the week's activities, including lodging and meals.

Food, Fiber & More!
Agriculture in the classroom for teachers

Teachers, check your calendars! Attend one of these Summer Institutes and earn 2 credits from CSU while learning innovative ways to incorporate agriculture into your academic curriculum. Sign up today to reserve space. Home stays can be arranged to minimize your expenses.

The Teller-Park Conservation District offers two scholarships for 2019!

Annual Meeting for Landowners & Residents

Landowners look foward to our annual meetings with guest speakers, workshops, or both. Contact us for more information about this event.

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